Salonè della Moda October 23 and 24 2014 is an unforgettable experience which celebrates fashion by showing the new collections of International  Designers, Talented Designers  and Fashion Brands  to press and every fashion lover!

I was a model for:

Rick Lee from Milan
At Salonè della Moda Rick Lee will present his latest collection ‘The voyage from west to east’ in collaboration with shoe designer Aennis Eunis in a runway show and the exhibition. His collection is inspired by a story of a biker who goes on a voyage, a road trip from west to east. The collection is inspired by the different moment the biker encounters during her journey on this voyage. From Catholic to Islamic, different architectural beauty and it’s language. On this journey the biker’s outfits emerged with different elements of two cultures creating a new harmony of language.

Aennis Eunis From Milan.

Finding inspiration from his ethnic background and varied worldly experiences, Anas established his brand label, aennis eunis, in 2009. Bringing a unique and exotic touch to the fashion world, aennis eunis styles add an exquisite flavor to what is also described as fresh and trendy brand featuring a series of “must have” shoes and accessories. Younis owes the idea behind his brand to his solid cultural ties, his unique approach to design and his attention to detail.


Chloe Sung from Japan

The collection Chloe Sung shows during Salonè della Moda is inspired by flower burials, “Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.” It represents the life of a Japanese flower burial. Death is not a frightening thing, it can be beautiful, meaningful and environmental. This collection combines flower burials and kimonos to present the attitude of the Japanese to flower burial and to enhance the elegancy, beauty and meaningfulness of women.