My name is Jeanine Gouwens, born in 1996 and I work as a freelance model.

When I was a young girl I walked some fashion shows for kids, performed in several musicals organized by a school of acting, and even was a supporting actor in a movie. When I was 15 I started modelling in photo shoots as hobby. People responded enthusiastically to my photos and advised me to continue to become a fashion model. So, encouraged by their support, I did.
I have been asked to take part in fashion shows, photo shoots and promotional activities.

I like to work with model agencies, but also want to give the opportunity to other companies and freelancer to book me for their projects.

My goal is to make sure that my clients are satisfied with the work I deliver, and I also think that it is important to have a respectful relationship with clients and crew at a show or shoot.

Last year I graduated as a business administrator and I started the course International business and Management Studies at HAN University of Applied Sciences. However, the times for my study are flexible so don’t hesitate to book me!

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